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Automotive Tools

We offer best quality Automotive Tool to our clients . Our technologically advanced machinery and industry leading cutting edge processes, have ensured our international repute. We are equipped with the state-of-the-art infrastructural facility which help us to meet the industry requirements.

Battery And Alternator Tester

Battery And Alternator Tester indicates condition of battery and the output of an alternator. For automotive use on 12v dc systems only. Magnetic back.

  • 0. 8m long cable leads.

Trolley Jack

Our range of Trolley Jacks comes with strong steel chassis provides stability when under load. Fixed direction castors and swivel castors for easier positioning under vehicles. Long reach single piece pump handle with comfort rubber for rapid raising and lower. Safety overload protection valve prevents overload damage to hydraulic mechanism. Available with Integral carry handle, these Automotive Tools are GS and TUV approved.

Different models with specifications:

Models T238 T2.249 T280
Type with case with case long reach
Dimensions 525 x 225 x 145mm 695 x 344 x 180mm 1150 x 360 x 210mm
Maximum load 2,000kg 2,250kg 2,000kg
Minimum height 130mm 145mm 140mm
Maximum height 380mm 495mm 800mm.

Piston Ring Compressor

Item Code: SYK-503-6370C

Piston Ring Compressor is used for holding piston rings in place once removed from the cylinder. Made from tempered spring steel with spring assisted ratchet type lock. Supplied complete with square drive key.

3 lengths available -

  • 660372: 60mm.
  • 660370 and 660373: 80mm.
  • 032200: 165mm.



  • Piston Ring Compressor 57-125mm, Capacity 80mm HT.
  • Piston Ring Compressor 90-175mm, Capacity 80mm HT.
  • Suppliers Part Number: 660370

Engine Support Beam

Engine Support Beam is used for supporting and accurately positioning engines during maintenance operations and as an aid for the removal of gearboxes and transmissions. 500kg (1/2 tonne) capacity. Adjustable width to bridge various engine compartments. Fitted with soft rubber feet to protect the bodywork. Supplied with a 92cm long chain. Supporting legs can be tilted.

Body Repair Kits

We offer these Body Repair Kits which are known for exhibiting high stability, strength and ensure long service capacity. They are available with optimum quality and used in various applications for clamping, pulling, bending, straightening, spreading and lifting operations. These products are also checked stringently by quality analysts to ensure that defect free range is supplied to our customers. These are offered at highly affordable rates in the industry. These kits are used as aircraft maintenance tools.

Mini Air Compressor

Item Code: KEN5032500K

Mini Air Compressor commonly known as Pressure Gauge & Tyre Inflator are used for inflating tyres, airbeds, boats, sports equipment and any other inflatable products. Complete with 3m of cable 12 volt car cigarette lighter plug, nozzles and adaptors. The dual air pressure gauge can be read in both lb/in2 and kg/cm2. 300psi.

Other Information

  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece

Direct Feed System

Item Code: LP12.5

Lever Type Direct Feed System is a direct high pressure lubricating system with centre pump, metal dust cover/lid with integral stabilizer and fixing mechanism. Flexible delivery tube with offset nozzle. Suitable for medium greases. 



  • Discharge per stroke: 3.8cm3
  • Tube length: 375mm
  • Inlet on pump max.: 260mm
  • Barrel not included
  • Weight: 4.90kg


Valve Spring Compressor

Item Code: SYK-503-1780X

 Valve Spring Compressor are suitable for small to medium sized petrol and diesel engines. Cam action ensures the valve is gripped parallel to avoid distortion. Rapid jaw adjustment T bar with precision screw thread adjustment.

  • Suppliers Part Number: 39500




Ratcheting Axle Stands

Ratcheting Axle Stands are suitable for supporting raised vehicles or equipment. Protective red enamel coating. 10-position ratchet design that automatically locks when raised.

Air Trolley Jack - 20/40T 2 Stage

For use when lifting heavy vehicles such as lorries etc. This industrial air jack has a robust steel chassis, 'T' bar handle with integral air control valve and two extensions for increased lifting height.
It requires an air pressure of 116 - 174psi (8-12bar) and a supply rate of 105Ltr/min (3.7cfm).

20/40- Tonne 2 Stage Heavy Duty Air Jack

Item Code: KEN5037120K

Air Trolley Jack - 20/40T 2 Stage

For use when lifting heavy vehicles such as lorries etc. This industrial air jack has a robust steel chassis, 'T' bar handle with integral air control valve and two extensions for increased lifting height.
It requires an air pressure of 116 - 174psi (8-12bar) and a supply rate of 105Ltr/min (3.7cfm)

Telescopic Transmission Jack

This Telescopic Transmission Jack is ideal for car and light commercial transmission removal and installation. Fully adjustable universal rotary saddle with adjustable corner brackets and safety chains. Foot operated pump and release valve leaves both hands free to manoeuvre transmission. Wide base with four 3” dia. swivel-type ball bearing castors providing stability and easy manoeuvrings. Two-stage flash chromed rams inhibit rust from entering the hydraulic system. Lifts from 875mm to 1800mm.

Suction Valve Grinder

Item Code: SYK-503-6905V

These Suction Valve Grinder are used for grinding and lapping valves. Solid wood handle with rubber suction cup for firm positive grip.


  • Overall length: 224mm
  • Suppliers Part Number: 660905

Modular Precision Machine Vices

Modular Precision Machine Vices widely used in tool manufacturing, on grinding machine, milling machine and for inspection purposes. The most versatile of all machine vices with all degrees of freedom, the modular precision machine allows the work piece to be set at any desired angle. We supply these products, which manufactured using superior quality raw material, appreciated due to its features such as durable, and render high performance along with smooth working.

Valve Refacing Tool

We supply ValveRefacingToolswhich are made from fine quality material with the advanced technology. We provide valve refacing tools which are convenient, cost-effective and time saving. These services are provided as per the specification detailed by the patrons. They are available at cost effective price .Our range of products are durable, reliable and known for giving long lasting service.


  • 19mm flat cutter for Mercedes CRD.

  • 17mm flat cutter for BMW/PSA/Renault.

  • 15mm flat cutter for Universal applications.

  • 19mm angled cutter for Fiat/Iveco.

Cylinder Hone

We supply this Cylinder Hone using supreme quality materials and the latest technology. Cylinder Hone is used in different engineering applications and is known for their high efficacy and resistance to corrosion. Our range is widely used in various industries to serve different applications in hydraulic cylinders & pneumatic. These are widely acclaimed for the sturdy construction and geometrical accuracy. These are offered to the customers at competitive price and easy payment terms.

Mobile Waste Oil Drainer

Item Code: ODB300

Mobile Waste Oil Drainer is a sturdy mobile polyethylene container for collection of waste oil draining by gravity from engines/gearboxes. 30 litres capacity and a float level indicator. Polyamide base fitted with heavy duty castors and a handle for easy maneuverability. The centre shaft is height adjustable from 900 to 11600 with a 395mm diameter polypropylene drain pan, the pan is fitted with an anti-splash mesh.

Pneumatic Fluid Extractor

Item Code: Febk10

Pneumatic Fluid Extractor is use for draining engine oil, water, fuel and hydraulic fluids from vehicles engines and other mechanical equipment, bleeding brake/clutch fluid and collection of other non-corrosive fluid spillage. High capacity 10 litre fluid reservoir ideal for garage, extension tube storage, used for workshop and on-site use. It is very handy & useful garage tool & workshop equipment.

Supplied with:

  • 1500 x 15mm initial tubing with extension tubes
  • 700 x 6mm, 360 x 10mm, 310 x 6mm and 380mm brake bleeder attachment
  • Air supply 70 - 110psi (5-8 bar)
  • Air consumption 180ltr/min
  • Vacuum (maximum) 500mm hg
  • Extraction rate 2. 5ltr/min
  • Air inlet size 1/4” bsp.

Pneumatic Brake & Clutch Bleeder

Item Code: KEN5031920K

PBB100Single man operated pneumatic bleeder which simplifies the bleeding of hydraulic fluid in vehicle clutches and brake systems, also used for the collection of other non-corrosive fluid spillage. Has a 1ltrcontainer with a ¼” NPT connection, operates from 90 - 145psi (6 - 10bar)air pressure with an air consumption rate of180ltr/min, an extraction rate of 1.6ltr/min and vacuum (max) of550mm HG.Handles non-flammable liquids between 0 and80°C

Vacuum Testing & Brake Bleeding Kit

Item Code: KEN5032720K

Vacuum testing kit that helps to locate and identify faults on cars,motorcycles and commercial vehicles. Supplied in robust blowmoulded case.Contents: serviceable metal bodied vacuum pump, reservoir jar,transfer lid, storage lid, 4x lengths of 6mm ID tubing, 1x length of4mm ID tubing adaptor. Set of brake bleeding adaptors, rubbercup adaptor. Maximum vacuum: 550mm HG.Reservoir capacity: 150ml.

Cooling System & Radiator Cap Pressure Tester

Item Code: KEN5030960K

Designed for the pressure testing of cooling systems and radiator caps up to35psi (2.5 bar). Suitable for use on most makes of car and commercial vehicles,including: Mercedes, Ford, Chrysler,Peugeot, Honda, Lexus, Mazda, Suzuki,Toyota, Nissan, Opel, Volkswagen, Saab,Volvo, Audi, Citroen, Fiat and BMW.Contents: 14 radiator pressure testing caps,for use in testing cooling systems for leaks. Two cap adaptors, sizes 2 - 3 and4 - 5, for testing radiator cap release pressure and seal condition. Two 200 psi coolant hoses (5/16” and 3/8”), for use with T-adaptor for in-line pressure testing. Tadaptor for creating in-line pressure testing set-up. Two 3/4” hose clips.

Mechanic's Stethoscope

Professional quality. Provides a fast and easy way to locate noises in engines or bearings and other moving parts. Plastic ear-pieces minimize outside noise. Aluminum alloy probe/needle for finding the exact location of specific noises. High quality surgical grade PVC & rubber parts for increased sound definition. Shockproof. Ideal for pinpointing unusual vibrations or suspected leaks Helps to track dashboard rattles. Supplied with rubber trumpet for checking vacuum and pressure flow. Useful for synchronising multi carburettors. Packaging dimensions (W x H x D): 193 x 379 x 48mm. Gross weight: 198g.

Professional stethoscope provides a fast and easy way to locate noises in engines or bearings and other moving parts. High quality surgical grade PVC and rubber parts for increased sound definition, plastic ear-pieces minimize outside noise with an aluminum alloy probe/needle for finding the exact location of specific noises. Supplied with rubber trumpet for checking vacuum and pressure flow. Useful for synchronising multi carburettors, helps to track dashboard rattles and is ideal for pinpointing unusual vibrations or suspected leaks. Is also shockproof.

Windscreen Holders

Windscreen Holders (KS Tools)
Part Number :

  • Fully adjustably
  • For nearly all windscreen sizes
  • Robust construction
  • Capacity up to 80 kg
  • Slip proof holding bar offer optimal hold
  • Made from red powder coating steel tube



Item L(mm) H(mm) Pad
140.2226 790 1060 140.2226-1 7.7

Hydraulic Kit

This range of Hydraulic Trainer Kit is fabricated using premium quality raw material in compliance with the international quality standards to ensure its durability, corrosion resistance and optimum quality. And they are used for clamping, pulling, bending, straightening, spreading and lifting operations. They are available in designing patterns, various specifications and pocket friendly rate.

Double Ratchet Ring Spanners Set

Double Ring Spanners (KS Tools)
  • 6 point.
  • Ratchet head 15° offset.
  • Exact gearing with 72 teeth .
  • Reversible.
  • With go-through facility.
  • The collar on each insert prevents slipping.
  • Especially suitable for narrow hard to access areas.
  • Matt finish.
  • Crome vanadium.
  • Supplied in alluminium box.



503.4625 8pcs 500

503.4645 10pcs 500

503.46 19pcs 660

Suction Holder Sets

Suction Holder Sets (KS Tools)
  • Plastic coated steel wire with PVC suction cups
  • Fixes the side windows during the removal of the winder handle
  • Securely hold the window and prevents any slipage
  • Easily operated.



140.106, 2pcs Suction holder set Suction holder set 540

Automotive Bit Socket Set

Automotive Bit Socket Set (KS Tools )

  • Problem solver for many automotive applications
  • Matt finish
  • Chrome vanadium
  • In durable plastic storage case


Technical Data:

Adaptor in imperial1/2" - 1/4

Width- B375.0

Weight in g6500

Height H35.0

Total length L in mm 390.0

Parts in the set38

Chassis Adjustment System

Chassis Adjustment System (KS Tools)

  • This was specially developed specifically for use on cars and vans with 4 or 5 hole pitch
  • Ideal for practical assistance with repairs and assembly of steering and chassis components for motor vehicles
  • Ideal for replacement work on shock absorbers, suspension springs and top mount
  • Also applicable for the exchanging of tie rod end, tie rod or axle joints
  • Easy installation and easy handling
  • Very short setup time - for universal use
  • Optimization of the repair process by eliminating a time consuming and costly alignment
  • Economical restoration
  • In durable plastic storage case

Application range: Shock absorbers in vehicles with long hole reception for example VW Golf / Passat or track parts on adjustable vehicle rear axles for example Mercedes Benz.

Please note: The use of the chassis adjuster is no replacement for an axle alignment In most cases, the adjustment with the chassis adjuster is however perfectly sufficiently in order to guarantee a flawless function of the axle after a repair has been completed.

Method of operating: By means of both lasers points on a screen (e.g. wall, ground, wheel course etc.) a firm designation with adhesive tape mounted. This marks the exit condition before the repair and maesures in the case an intervention into the trace attitude (e.g. trace pole head change) on the driver and passenger side made. After the repair, the laser points, for example through the screwing in and/or turning off of the new trace pole head, are brought again exactly with the designations of the driver and passenger side simutianously At the same time the designation of the unrepaired side serves, for example in an intervention into the slump adjustment, again and again as a reference brand.

150.180. 15pcs Chassis Adjustment System 2.8

consist of :

150.1801 2xbase plate for 4-and 5 hole pitch 598
150.1802 2x laser units 73
150.1803 2xbolts M12x1.5 59
150.1804 2xbolts M14x1.5 59
150.1805 1xroll fix point labels 45

Flexible LED Inspection Stick Set

Flexible LED Inspection Stick (KS Tools)
  • LED lamp
  • Flexible shaft
  • Includes flexible fibreglass attachment
  • Clip for the breast pocket
  • Includes single lamp bulb
  • Approx. 60 hours lamp duration
  • Includes 2 x LR 03 button cell + 2 x 1,5 V AAA batteries
  • Impact proof housing



Item L(mm) B(mm) H(mm) Spare bulb
550.1160. 210 150 25 550.1161 230


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