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Industrial Tools

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We are engaged in supplying of Automotive tools, Hand Tools, Sawing Tools, Industrial Drilling Tools, Automotive Tools, Hand Tools, Grinding Tools, Nibbling Tools, Chiseling Tools, Sanding Tools and Deburring tools. Apart from this, we are also engaged in offering our clients a wide range of Safety Jacket, Safety Shoes, Micrometers, Magnetic Base Filaments and Digital Calipers. We aim to provide our customers with the highest quality products and work tirelessly to fulfill that aim. Our range of products is durable, reliable and cost effective.

Our range encompasses the following:

Battery Charger

We also providing Auto Booster products to our clients like Battery Charger.

Battery Charger

Battery Charger

Workshop and Site Tools

Leading Exporter and Supplier of Workshop and Site Tools such as Twin Head Work Light, Workshop Vice, Work Shop Vice, Workshop Cable Reel and Pro LED Inspection Hand Lamp from Secunderabad.

Twin Head Work Light

Workshop Vice

Work Shop Vice

Workshop Cable Reel

Pro LED Inspection Hand Lamp

Workshop and Site Tools

Garden Tools

We offer a wide range of Garden Tools of our customers at industrial leading rates. These are widely used in various private and public gardens. They are highly considered for their convenient designs, efficient performance, long-lasting nature and sturdiness. Our range is widely known due to its high efficiency and durability. Clients can avail these in the market at an affordable price. We supply these tools which are widely appreciated for its optimum quality and available in various sizes.

Hose Trolley

Pruning Garden Set

Trowel Set

Telescopic Pole Saw

Razorsharp Bypass Secateurs


Hose End Connector

Universal Tap Connector

2 Way Male Snap Action Connector

Hose Reel Set

Adjustable Hose Nozzle

Plastic Watering Can

Hose Tidy

Garden Tools

Cutting Tools

We provide Metal Cutting Tools which are used in several industrial establishments and are made under the strict supervision of our skilled engineers. They are available in different standards, specifications and sizes as desired by our esteemed clients. Our ranges of products are known for their higher efficiency, sharpness and perfect finish. They are made of best quality and are highly efficient. These are also available for customization as per the requirements and specifications of the clients.

Tapping Head Sets

Jewellery Cutting Tools

Hole Saw Cutter

Circular Saw Blade

Adjustable Hole Cutter

Centre Cut Bolt Cutter

Insulated Hacksaw

Multi-Tooth Milling Cutters

Hydraulic Cutting Tools

Portable Band Saw Machine

Low Tensile Bolt Cutters


Needle Files

Hacksaw Blades

Hand Deburring Tools

Jobber Drills

Small Pipe Cutter

Hydraulic Cable Cutter

Power Saw Blades

HSS Dies and Dies Nuts

Tool Bits

Cutting Tools

Non Sparking Tools

The Non Sparking Tools offered by us are generally chosen in industries and also used for domestic purposes. We are engaged in manufacturing a wide range of these non sparkling tools to all our customers. Our range is in huge demand due to its attractive finish and greater mechanical properties. The perfect range of non sparking tools is available with lifetime guarantee. These non magnetic and corrosion resistant tools softer put on down easily and fast as compared to other conventional tools that reduce the risk of a sparks.

Single Open Ended Spanners

Straight Edge Mini Bolt Clipper

Short Arm Combination Spanners

Professional Flex-Head Ratchets

Adjustable Wrenches

Insulated Single End Ring Spanners

Insulated Spanners

Combination Spanners

Industrial Sockets

Non Sparking Tools

Material Handling Equipments

We supply Material Handling Equipments for food grain fabricated it with excellent quality raw material and high edge technology. These products are highly demanded in market due to its user friendliness high operational efficiency, good finish, load carrying capacity, durability and optimum performance widely used in agricultural and food processing industries. These clients can avail this Equipment at reasonable prices.

Heavy Duty Hand Cart

Heavy Duty Truck

Light Duty Hand Cart

Folding Mobile Crane

Tilting Drum Cradle


Automatic Drum Clamps

Beam Clamp

Vertical Plate Lifting Clamp

Drumporter Product Handling Equipment

Overide Drumporter

Positioner Drum Clamp

Auto Drum Clamp

Kentucky Mop Bucket


Mini Metal Working Lathe

Oil-Free Compressor

Air Compressor 23LTR

Mobile Trolleys/Racks

Folding Multi Purpose Trolley

Folding Aluminium Trolley

Folding Trolleys

Material Handling Equipments

Precision Equipments and Tools

Providing you the best range of Precision Equipments and Tools such as Micrometers, Refractometers, Dial Gauges, Vernier Calipers, Digital Caliper, Electronic Tachometer and many more items with effective & timely delivery.



Dial Gauges

Vernier Calipers

Digital Caliper

Electronic Tachometer

Digital Multimeter

Electronic Multimeter

Spot Weld Drill Set

Camera Probe without Basic Unit

Precision Screwdriver Set

Precision Equipments and Tools

Impact Wrenches

We are a leading Exporter & Supplier of Impact Wrenches such as Heavy Duty Inline Air Impact Wrench, Impact Wrench, Pistol Grip Air Impact Wrench and Impact Wrench Kit from India.

Heavy Duty Inline Air Impact Wrench

Impact Wrench

Impact Wrench Kit

Pistol Grip Air Impact Wrench

Impact Wrenches


A hand saw is a carpentry tool, sporting a sharp toothed blade, most often used for cutting wood. The blade made of strong metal has a sharp edge which facilitates easy cutting of the relatively soft wood. While a mechanical saw is powered by a motor, which rotates to move the blade, the hand saw requires manual efforts. There are various types of hand saws, each beneficial for a particular cutting activity.

Back Saw

Compass Saw

Crosscut Saw


Rip Saw

Bowsaw Blades Hardpoint Filed Tooth

Electric Chain Saw

Multi Purpose Body Saw


Drilling Tools

We offers wide range of Drilling Tools. Our products are very appreciated by our client. We supply best quality drilling tools to our customers.

Step Drills

Solid Carbide Jobber Drills

Shank Hand Reamers

Snappy Drill Countersinks

Drilling Tools

Drilling Machines

Our product range includes a wide range of Drilling Machines such as Mini Drilling Machine, Variable Speed Tapping Drilling System and Cordless Impact Drill/Driver.

Mini Drilling Machine

Variable Speed Tapping Drilling System

Cordless Impact Drill/Driver

Drilling Machines

Solid Counterbores

Prominent & Leading Exporter and Supplier from Secunderabad, we offer Solid Counterbores such as Solid Counterbore Set, Counterbore Sets and Solid Drill Counterbore.

Solid Counterbore Set

Counterbore Sets

Solid Drill Counterbore

Solid Counterbores

Garden Sprayers and Spray Guns

Leading Exporter and Supplier of Garden Sprayers and Spray Guns such as Pressure Sprayer, Heavy Duty Brass Spray Gun, Seven Pattern Spray Gun, Impulse Sprinkler, Finish Six Pattern Spray Gun and Coil Hose Sets from Secunderabad.

Pressure Sprayer

Heavy Duty Brass Spray Gun

Seven Pattern Spray Gun

Impulse Sprinkler

Finish Six Pattern Spray Gun

Coil Hose Sets

Garden Sprayers and Spray Guns

Lubricants and Protective Coatings

We provide Lubricants and Protective Coatings which are chemically and biologically stable and find usage in different application areas like lubricant industries which help in the efficient running of machinery. Our ranges of products have the features like optimum viscosity, surface tension, proper adhesion, Mineral based and eco friendly. This helps in enhancing efficiency as well as in minimizing occurrences of wear and tear of different machines.

Protective Coating

Line Markers

Lubricants and Protective Coatings

Personal Protection Equipments

Enriched by our industry experience, we manufacture a wide range of these Personal Protection Equipments, by using quality grade raw material, in compliance with the predetermined quality standards, at the vendor’s end. These have owned to their specific features like longer service life, sturdy construction, etc. These products are customized in various designs and patterns as per the client’s requirement. Our range includes the other products like Candle Power Rechargeable Lantern, 2.5 Million Candle Power Rechargeable Lantern, and Kentucky Mop Bucket etc.

Safety Helmets

Flat Slings

Waterproof Suits

Candle Power Rechargeable Lantern

Waterproof High Visibility Coats

Breathable High Visibility Coats

Z Barrier

Jet Black Auto X

Automatic Welding Helmets

Safety Shoes

Safety Belts

Gum Boots

Personal Protection Equipments

Material Handling Cabinets

Exporter & Supplier of Material Handling Cabinets & Mobile Tool Cabinet. Our product range also comprises of Automotive Tools, Battery Charger and Hand Tools.

Mobile Tool Cabinet

Material Handling Cabinets

Adhesive and Sealants

We supply adhesive and sealants which are used for bonding and sealing glass. These products have various applications in various industries and are available in various specifications as per our customer’s requirement. We supply adhesives and sealants which exhibit excellent adhesion to various materials like rubber, glass and plastic. These are effectively used to seal joints and openings between two or more substrates. This are made using high grade and quality tested input, our offered products are least affected by weather conditions such as rain, sunlight, snow and sleet.

Anti Corrosion Tape

Cloth Tape

Waterproof Cloth Tape

Hazard Tape

Pipe Line Marking Tape

Tub Boss White Compound

Anti-Slip Adhesive Tape

Non Adhesive Barrier Tape

Adhesive and Sealants

Lifting Equipments

Our product range includes a wide range of Lifting Equipments such as Endless Round Sling, Industrial Load Strap Double Hook, Hank Shock Cord, Tarpaulin Cord Set, Hand Chain Hoist, High Lift Pallet Trucks and many more items.

Endless Round Sling

Industrial Load Strap Double Hook

Hank Shock Cord

Tarpaulin Cord Set

Hand Chain Hoist

High Lift Pallet Trucks

Manual Stacker

Lever Hoist

Shock Cord Hooks

360 Hand Chain Hoist

Chain Hoist

Geared Trolley With Double Sealed Ball Bearings

Lifting Equipments

Pallet Trucks

We are a leading Exporter & Supplier of Pallet Trucks such as Nylon Wheel Pallet Truck, Hand Pallet Truck, Heavy Duty Pallet Truck, Britruck Pallet Truck, Warrior Quick Lift Pallet Trucks, Hand Operated Pallet Truck and many more items from India.

Nylon Wheel Pallet Truck

Hand Pallet Truck

Heavy Duty Pallet Truck

Britruck Pallet Truck

Warrior Quick Lift Pallet Trucks

Hand Operated Pallet Truck

Low Profile Pallet Truck

Pallet Trucks

KS Tools Products

Providing you the best range of KS Tools Products such as Belt Sanders, Pneumatic Spot Weld Drill Set, Sparkplug Plier, Vacuum Cooling System Filling Device, Battery Boosters, Basic Videoscope Set and many more items with effective & timely delivery.

Belt Sanders

Pneumatic Spot Weld Drill Set

Sparkplug Plier

Vacuum Cooling System Filling Device

Battery Boosters

Basic Videoscope Set

Cartridge Soldering Torch with Piezo Ignition

Channel and Pipe Cleaning Tools Kits

Dial Torque Wrench with A Drag Indicators

Dungaree Blue

Bronze Combination Spanners

Comb Spanners Offset

KS Tools Products

Safety Hydraulic Equipments

We supply a wide range of Safety Hydraulic Equipments for hoisting and lifting operations for various heights and industry types. These hydraulic equipments can be sophisticated with completely automated controls. These safe hydraulic equipments used supreme quality Fabric that is proved indispensable for its unique qualities. These are strongly built, to give long lasting service, to work efficiently and reliable which can be used various industrial operations. They are available at competitive prices.

Hydraulic Cable Cutter

High Pressure Hoses

Hydraulic Cylinders And Jacks

Hydraulic Power Packs And SPMs

Overall Blue

Safety Hydraulic Equipments


Providing you the best range of Wheelbarrow such as Pneumatic Tyre Wheelbarrow, Epoxy Coated Wheelbarrow and Single Wheel Wheelbarrow with effective & timely delivery.

Pneumatic Tyre Wheelbarrow

Epoxy Coated Wheelbarrow

Single Wheel Wheelbarrow


Caster and PU Wheels

We are the leading supplier of Caster Wheels which is widely used in material handling equipments. Our range of products includes Nylon Castor Wheel, Swivel Castor Wheel and Brake, Swivel Castor Hi Temp Wheel, Nylon Plain Bore Castor Wheel, Swivel Castor Wheel and Trolley Wheel.

Nylon Caster Wheel

Nylon Plain Bore Caster Wheel

Trolley Wheel

Heavy Duty Casters

Polyurethane Tyre Nylon Centre Wheel

Grey Rubber Plastic Tyre

Black Rubber Caster Wheel

Caster and PU Wheels

Sack Trucks

Prominent & Leading Exporter and Supplier from Secunderabad, we offer Sack Trucks such as Sack Truck, Compact Sack Truck, P-Handle Sack Truck, Folding Footiron Stairclimbing Truck and Flat Footiron Stairclimbing Truck.

Sack Truck

Compact Sack Truck

P-Handle Sack Truck

Folding Footiron Stairclimbing Truck

Flat Footiron Stairclimbing Truck

Sack Trucks

Screw Driver

Creating a niche of Screw Driver such as Automatic Shut Off Screwdriver, Pneumatic Screw Driver, Cordless Impact Wrench and Double Ended Mirror Screwdriver at its best, with utmost quality.

Automatic Shut Off Screwdriver

Pneumatic Screw Driver

Cordless Impact Wrench

Double Ended Mirror Screwdriver

Screw Driver


Providing you the best range of Lasers such as Infrared Laser Thermometer, Laser Leveling System and Laser Level with effective & timely delivery.

Infrared Laser Thermometer

Laser Leveling System

Laser Level


Abrasive Tools

Creating a niche of Abrasive Tools such as Variable Speed Cordless Impact Wrench, Sanding Discs, Flap Wheels, Power Tool Chisels, Diamond Coated Burrs, Mini Metalworking Lathe and many more items at its best, with utmost quality.

Variable Speed Cordless Impact Wrench

Sanding Discs

Flap Wheels

Power Tool Chisels

Diamond Coated Burrs

Mini Metalworking Lathe

Oil Free Compressors

18V Cordless Impact Drill

Work Light

Abrasive Tools

Pneumatic Tools

We are a leading Exporter & Supplier of Pneumatic Tools such as Impact Wrenches, Metal Nibbler, 10 mm Straight Drill, Reversible Angle Drill, Pistol Drill, Reversible Pistol Drill and many more items from India.

Impact Wrenches

Metal Nibbler

10 mm Straight Drill

Reversible Angle Drill

Pistol Drill

Reversible Pistol Drill

Mini Angle Grinder

Reversible Cut-Off Tool

Straight And Angle Die Grinder

MIcro Die Grinder

Pneumatic Tools

Angle Grinder

Exporter & Supplier of Angle Grinder. Our product range also comprises of Automotive Tools, Battery Charger and Hand Tools.

Angle Grinder

Angle Grinder

Hacksaw Blades

Exporter & Supplier of Hacksaw Blades. Our product range also comprises of Automotive Tools, Battery Charger and Hand Tools.

Hacksaw Blades

Hacksaw Blades


Pioneers in the industry, we offer Hammers such as Fiberglass Shaft Hammer, Hickory Shaft Hammer, Copper Faced Hammers and Hammer from India.

Fiberglass Shaft Hammer

Hickory Shaft Hammer

Copper Faced Hammers



Needle Scalers

Pioneers in the industry, we offer Needle Scalers such as Scalers Needle, Heavy Duty Needle Scaler and Pneumatic Needle Scalers from India.

Scalers Needle

Heavy Duty Needle Scaler

Pneumatic Needle Scalers

Needle Scalers

Maintenance and personal protection

Prominent & Leading Exporter and Supplier from Secunderabad, we offer Maintenance and personal protection such as 100kg Capacity Sack Truck, P-Handle Sack Truck 200kg Capacity, Flat Foot Iron Stair Climbing Truck 200kg Cap., Magnetic Easy Wipe Racking Strip White 20mmx10m, 50mmx10m Anti Corrosion Tape, Ear Plug Dispenser (1000 Plugs) and many more items.

100kg Capacity Sack Truck

P-Handle Sack Truck 200kg Capacity

Flat Foot Iron Stair Climbing Truck 200kg Cap.

Magnetic Easy Wipe Racking Strip White 20mmx10m

50mmx10m Anti Corrosion Tape

Ear Plug Dispenser (1000 Plugs)

Wall Mounted Stainless Steel Ash Bin

36 LED Rechargeable LI-ION Work Light 230v

6 LED Silver Casing Torch Requires (2xaa) Batts

6 LED Combi Stretch Light

Halogen Rechargeable 2.5million Candle Power Lantern

Super LED Rechargeable Spotlight

Aluminum Flex Mag Lightrequires (2xaa Batts)

Maintenance and personal protection

Office Suppliers and Stationary

Providing you the best range of Office Suppliers and Stationary such as Plastic Jerry Can, Mat Lock Safes, Acrylic Convex Security Mirrors, Pre Stretched Wrap, Foam Rolls, Centre Fold Polythene Sheeting and many more items with effective & timely delivery.

Plastic Jerry Can

Mat Lock Safes

Acrylic Convex Security Mirrors

Pre Stretched Wrap

Foam Rolls

Centre Fold Polythene Sheeting

Avon Polythene Sheeting

Office Suppliers and Stationary

Lubricants and Chemical Products

Exporter & Supplier of a wide range of products which include Lubricants and Chemical Products such as Parts Washer Bench Standing, Degreasing Station Washer, Protective Coating, Foaming Cleaner Spray, Solent Maintenance Sprays and Lubricants and Thread Repair.

Parts Washer Bench Standing

Degreasing Station Washer

Protective Coating

Foaming Cleaner Spray

Solent Maintenance Sprays and Lubricants

Thread Repair

Lubricants and Chemical Products

Tools Kit

We are a leading Exporter & Supplier of Tools Kit such as Stainless Steel Tool Chest, Butane Soldering Tool Kit and Engineers Workshop Tool Kit from India.

Stainless Steel Tool Chest

Butane Soldering Tool Kit

Engineers Workshop Tool Kit

Tools Kit

Fencing Wires

Our product range includes a wide range of Fencing Wires such as Razor Wire, Razor Clip Mesh, Barbed Wire Maimoon Tiger type 2, Concertina Coils, Flat Panel Razor Coil, Sensor Coil and many more items.

Razor Wire

Razor Clip Mesh

Barbed Wire Maimoon Tiger type 2

Concertina Coils

Flat Panel Razor Coil

Sensor Coil

Razor Mobile Barrier

Fencing Wires

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