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Digimatic Depth Gauges

Designed for measuring depth of hole, slots and recesses. Can be fitted with an extension base to extend its span. Base size 100mm. Functions: Inch/metric conversion. zero at any point. SPC data output. Power supply: Battery 1 off SR44 (PAN-904-5020K). Resolution: 0.0005"/0.01mm

Series 571 "ABSOLUTE"


Portable Optical Refractometer

For determining the concentration of oil in water emulsions and transparent solutions, such as machine shop coolant. Maintaining the correct mixture in coolant systems is vital to ensure optimum performance from cutting tools. To protect the machine and workpiece from corrosion and to reduce the risk of health hazards arising from incorrect concentrations of water soluble oils. To economise the use of water base cutting fluids and grinding fluids. Specifications: range ND: 1.333 -1.356 Bx:0 - 15%. Eyepiece magnification: x11. Telescopic lens magnification: x4. Accuracy: /-0.0003 /- 0.2%. Lattic value:0.0005 0.2%. Supplied in high quality fitted metal case complete with calibration screwdriver and operator manual.

Dial Gauges

Dial Gauges

Item Code: KEN3005000K

Kennedy® Dial Gauges

Kennedy® plunger and lever type dial test indicators (DTI) provide accurate and precise repeatability of measurements or manufacturing tolerances. All have clearly graduation dial faces with black oxidised indicator.

'Smile-Dial' 58mm (2,1/4") Plunger Type Dial Gauge

The Kennedy® 'Smile-Dial' plunger type dial gauge has an easy to read 58mm (2,1/4") diameter dial with a matt finish chromed housing and black oxidised limit hands. The mechanism is jewelled to ensure a smooth precise action. Fitted to the back of the 'Smile-Dial' is an off-set lug with 1/4" inside diameter and a 5/16" diameter stem fixing. Manufactured to BS 907.

Graduation: 0.1mm.
Travel: 10mm.
Reading: 0-100.

Vernier Calipers

Vernier Calipers

Item Code: OXD3307360K

Vernier Calipers

Inside, outside, depth and step reading. Dual reading scale (metric and inch) with 14 bevelled vernier scale. Knurled locking nut. Manufactured from hardened stainless steel with satin finish. 
Graduation: 0.02mm & 0.001 inch. 
Tolerance: plus/minus 0.03mm & 0.001 inch.

Digital Caliper

Digital Caliper

Item Code: BAT3312001A

For precision measurement of internal, external and depth dimensions. Accuracy plus/minus 0.04mm (0.0015"). Supplied with 2 batteries in plastic storage case.

Electronic Tachometer

Electronic Tachometer

Item Code: EDI3154200K

Precise red LED light source (laser beam) together with a reflective strip, non-contact measurements can be made safely up to 40cm (153/4?) from the target.
For measuring in rpm and rps. 
Testing range:
100 to 30000rpm/1.7 to 500rps.
6 digit clear LCD display with optional back light. Data hold function. Auto power ?OFF? & low power indicator. Battery operated: DC1.5V 3x AAA (included).

Digital Multimeter

Digital Multimeter

Item Code: OJM826

Open Jaw Digital Multimeter Large digits, duty cycle function, relative measure. Features include continuity, diode, auto ranging, reading/peak hold, back light, auto power off, overload indication, low battery indicator, tilt stand/hanger.

  • Voltage max: 750V AC, 1000V DC.
  • Current max: 200A AC.
  • Resistance max: 40MW.
  • Capacitance max: 40μF.
  • Frequency max: 100kHz.
  • Safety rating: Cat III 600V, Cat II 1000V.
  • Warranty: one year.
  • Supplied with case.

Electronic Multimeter

Electronic Multimeter

Item Code: DAM982

  • Voltage max: 750V AC, 1000V DC.
  • Current max: 10A AC/DC.
  • Resistance max: 40MW.
  • Capacitance max: 20μF.
  • Frequency max: 10MHz.
  • Safety rating: Cat III 600V, Cat II 1000V.
  • Warranty: one year.
  • Supplied with case

Features include:
  • Continuity
  • Diode
  • Auto ranging
  • Reading/peak hold
  • Back light
  • Auto power off
  • Overload indication
  • Low battery indicator
  • Tilt stand/hanger
  • Large digits
  • Duty cycle function
  • Auto and manual range
  • Relative Measurement

Spot Weld Drill Set

Spot Weld Drill Set
Spot Weld Drill Set (KS Tools)

  • Air exhaust through the handle
  • Easy operation
  • Suitable for continuous duty
  • Ideally suited for internal and external spot welds
  • For spot weld drills
  • Very substaintial guide
  • Adjustable milling machine depth ring in steps of 0,05 mm
  • Revolving and removable frame on the fixation on the object
  • Large frame for deep lying points
  • Feed achievement through pneumatic cylinder
  • Stepless speed regulation
  • Includes 1/4" coupling connector
  • Robust machined housing
  • In durable plastic case.



515.1205 9pcs

Pneumatic spot weld drill set

Camera Probe without Basic Unit

Camera Probe without Basic Unit
Camera Probe Without Basic Unit ( KS Tools)

  • 6 adjustable mini LED lamps
  • Bend radius max. 30 mm
  • Suitable for connection to ULTIMATEvision Videoscope

Precision Screwdriver Set

Precision Screwdriver Set
Precision screwdriver set (KS Tools )

  • Interchangeable blades
  • Twist end cap
  • Knurled shaft
  • Color coding
  • Hardened alloy
  • Chrome plated brass shaft
  • Blade made of nickel chromium molybdenum




500.7235 5pcs Precision screwdriver set 360


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